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Bicycle Safety: Before You Ride

7 Bicycle Safety Tips: Before You Ride

In the warm or summer months, bicycle riding dramatically increases as people head outside to ride with their friends and family. Unfortunately, with more bikes on the road comes the increased likelihood for bicycle crashes. Many times these crashes and the injuries sustained are preventable, starting from the moment you think about going out for a ride. Before taking to the streets and bike paths, make sure you take proper precautions to prepare yourself and your equipment. This often can prevent a lot of the stress, pain, and suffering that comes after being in a biking accident. Below, we list out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's top safety tips before you set off on your bike ride.

safety first before you ride

Riding bikes is one of the most fun forms of exercise for both recreation and sport. But did you know you can take bicycle safety steps even before you hop on your bike for a ride? Look through our bicycle safety infographics to see the top seven tips to remember before you go for a ride.

1. ride a bike that fits you

If a bike is too big for you, it's harder to control. This can lead to crashes, hurting you or someone else.

2. ride a bike that works

No matter how well you ride, if your bike is broken, avoid taking it out for a ride. Always check your bike's tires, chain, brakes, and pedals before taking off.

3. wear protective equipment

Many biking fatalities happen because the bicyclist wasn't wearing proper protection equipment. Make sure to wear equipment that will protect you and make you visible to others on the road. Equipment may include helmets, bright clothing, reflective gear, and reflectors on your bike.

4. follow safety instructions while riding

Make sure to ride only one person per seat, and keep both hands on the handlebars unless signaling a turn.

5. stow extra items

Carry extra items in a backpack or a pack strapped securely to the front or the back of the bike.

6. tuck away loose clothing

Double check that your shoelaces are tied, and tuck away shoelaces and long pant legs so they don't get caught in the bike chain.

7. plan your route

Planning your route in advance can help avoid high traffic areas, construction zones, and streets with slower speeds. Double check to see if your route has bike lanes or paths.
bicycle safety plan your route

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