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August 21, 2020

HIV Drugs Like Truvada Caused Patients to Experience Kidney and Bone Injuries, Lawsuit Claims

A new joint product liability lawsuit claims the manufacturer of HIV drugs like Truvada, Viread, and Complera failed to warn users that these drugs were toxic and could cause severe side effects. This lawsuit joins numerous others filed across the U.S., each claiming Gilead Sciences sold hazardous drugs to patients, knowing they could cause side effects like kidney damage and bone fractures.

The complaint, filed on August 10, presents the claims of twelve plaintiffs who ingested prescription HIV drugs manufactured and marketed by Gilead. Each plaintiff claims Gilead’s HIV drugs containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) caused them to develop severe injuries including bone fractures, osteopenia, and chronic kidney disease.

Currently, Gilead Sciences holds the market on HIV drugs containing TDF. TDF is an antiviral medicine found in HIV/PrEP drugs and is used to decrease HIV levels in the body. Some of Gilead Sciences’ TDF HIV drugs include Truvada, Atripla, Stribild, Viread, and Complera.

However, recent studies found TDF is highly toxic, reduces bone density, and causes kidney injuries in the body. Allegations indicate Gilead Sciences knew their TDF drugs were highly toxic for years and still sold them to the public without disclosing the health risks.

“Before Gilead began selling its first TDF Drug, Viread, in 2001, Gilead knew that TDF posed a safety risk to patients’ kidneys and bones,” the lawsuit states. “Gilead knew that two of its other antiviral drugs with structures similar to tenofovir, cidofovir and adefovir dipivoxil, had been highly nephrotoxic (i.e., toxic to kidneys) and that preclinical data for TDF showed that it could cause significant kidney and bone damages. Gilead’s knowledge of the toxic effects of TDF only grew as patients began treatment with and were injured by each successive TDF product. By the time Gilead designed Stribild, it had ten years’ worth of cumulative evidence that TDF injured patients’ kidneys and bones.”

Truvada claims filed in the federal courts nationwide indicate Gilead knew a less toxic version of the drugs could be manufactured, but they continued to sell the toxic version of their HIV drugs to accumulate more capital. Gilead now faces numerous lawsuits for not only failing to warn about TDF drug toxicity, but also for unlawful marketing practices.

The plaintiffs involved in the August 10 lawsuit are filing to recover compensation for their severe injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages caused by their TDF injuries. The majority of HIV drug lawsuits against Gilead currently pend in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Did You Take Truvada and Experience Bone or Kidney Injuries?

If you or a loved one took Truvada or another TDF drug and experienced bone or kidney injuries, you may be entitled to legal compensation. We’re here to hold Gilead Sciences responsible for their negligence and fight for your right to healing.

Truvada lawsuits claim Gilead manufactured a too toxic product and failed to adequately inform users of the serious risks of taking Truvada. When you partner with the lawyers at AVA Law Group, our goal is to hold Gilead responsible for their negligence in protecting you from too-toxic drugs. By partnering with our experienced injury lawyers, you may be able to not only seek justice for your suffering, but compensation to cover any financial burdens caused by your Truvada injuries.

Contact our personal injury lawyers today, hold Gilead Sciences responsible, and see if you qualify for financial compensation for your injuries.

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