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To make sure clients are connected to the legal assistance they deserve, we actively participate in fee-sharing arrangements with referring attorneys and co-counsel for personal injury cases.
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why ava law group?

Our team is ready and able to engage in fee-sharing arrangements with both referring attorneys and co-counsel for personal injury cases. At AVA Law Group, we take pride in the professionalism and experience of our legal team. Because our mission is providing client with top-notch service across each of our practice areas, our attorneys are well-rounded as not only litigators, negotiators, and counselors, but also as authorities in a variety of legal subject matter.

We want to share our know-how and resources with other attorneys in the field, and we are also willing to utilize our professional connections by referring potential clients to other attorneys or practice groups who best fit their needs. So, we offer the opportunity for co-counsel agreements and referrals.

Additionally, co-counsels and referrals benefit your law firm’s finances as well. By partnering with other legal professionals, you can handle more cases than you could alone. While the attorney fees will be divided among your law firms, you will still receive your fair share based on your input and work. In the sections below, you can learn more about our approach to referrals, co-counsel agreements, and what it means for clients and attorneys to partner with our firm.

What do we offer?

Lawyer Referrals

When a potential client calls in to AVA Law Group, the main question we ask ourselves throughout the case evaluation process is “how can we best help this client?” There are circumstances when a client’s case involves a very specific practice area that we do not have the best resources to help in this case. In these cases, the best option to help the person on the other end of the phone is to reach out to another attorney or firm to help in the client’s case.

In addition to referring clients to partnering attorneys, we accept client referrals from lawyers who may be in a similar position. If you or your firm find yourself unable to help a client due to geographical restrictions, the case load is too heavy, or needing additional investigative sources, please reach out to us today.

Co-Counsel Agreements

There are times when a simple referral is not the best way to handle a case. In these situations, a co-counsel can be beneficial for both you and the client; the client receives the expertise of additional top-notch firms and you and your firm maintain an active role in the case. Just as every case is unique, so is every co-counsel agreement. This means that these types of collaboration require active participation from each party involved in the case. Co-counsel agreements can be favorable in a number of scenarios, such as:

• Needing increased investigative resources 
• Receiving assistance from attorneys specialized and experience in a specific field
• Calling upon expert witnesses that may not be available otherwise
• Learning on the job
• Ensuring your client is still in the good hands of an experienced attorney. 

If you think that your client or firm may benefit from partnering with our experienced personal injury team, contact AVA Law Group today.

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If you are an attorney who wants to connect your clients to experienced legal counsel, contact us today to learn more about our co-counsel relationships. Call 1.866.428.2529 or email us at

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