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Who We Are


Attorney Andrew Van Arsdale AVA Law Group
At AVA Law Group, Inc. we work diligently on behalf of our clients to ensure access to justice in any way we can achieve it.
Often times, passionate representation requires a team of lawyers, and AVA Law Group works with a number of co-counsel firms to ensure each of our clients is connected to the legal representation that meets the needs of every single case. We continue to work on each case and facilitate ease of access to some of the most reputable personal injury law firms in the United States. 
Mission Statement
AVA Law Group Inc. represents the people against the powerful.
We connect you with the representation your personal injury case deserves and respect the trust you put in us. We advocate and fight for truth, justice, and, ultimately, healing for people who have been victimized by powerful entities. Whether this is an insurance company unwilling to adequately compensate a family, a religious or non-religious institution unwilling to acknowledge its complicity in child sex abuse, or a corporate organization that puts profits over people, their power should not minimize or remove your rights. AVA Law Group Inc. strives to use our legal expertise and voice to promote yours. 
Meet Our legal team
Andrew Van Arsdale
Attorney Andrew Van Arsdale created AVA Law Group, Inc. so you could have easy access to the justice system and efficient legal representation.
Originally from Billings, Montana, Andrew Van Arsdale moved to San Diego, California to pursue a career in law to ensure people could quickly access legal representation after being wronged by powerful corporations. Andrew earned his law degree in from the University of San Diego in 2018 and is licensed to practice law in California, Montana and Nevada. For years Andrew has helped people struggling from negligence-related injuries seek maximal compensation from responsible parties, ensuring client satisfaction at all times.

Van Arsdale’s work pursuing justice for Scouting sexual abuse survivors through Abused in Scouting has been widely recognized by the media and featured on platforms including CNN, ABC News, NBC News, etc. He has extensive experience connecting sexual abuse survivors to the representation they deserve and handling abuse cases from a wide range of organizations including the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, and the Boy Scouts of America.
Bar Admissions
- State Bar of California, 2018 
- State Bar of Montana, 2019
- State Bar Nevada, 2019
Professional Association Memberships
- American Association for Justice 
- Los Angeles County Bar Association
- Nevada Justice Association
- San Diego County Bar Association
Donnell Allen
Paralegal Donnell Allen ensures the operational quality of AVA Law so co-counsel and clients receive top-notch care.
Donnell maintains the integrity of clients' cases by completing background checks on potential clients, maintaining case quality assurance, and drafting legal documents necessary for case qualification and correspondence. Donnell heads communication between AVA Law Group and co-counsel firms to make certain clients are informed and updated on cases.

Donnell has substantial experience working as a linguist for the U.S Government in federal court as an interpreter and translator. She transitioned into the role of a criminal defense trial paralegal and mitigation specialist in both federal and state courts, lending her knowledge and experience to AVA Law's services. 
Our History 
Andrew started AVA Law Group to continue in helping protect individual interests against powerful entities.
Over the years he’s helped thousands of people who have been injured because of the irresponsible actions of other seek justice. The sad truth is in single event cases, like trucking accidents or car accidents, it’s not the irresponsible person whose conduct deprived the injured party of justice; it’s the insurance companies who represent their responsible person that deliver injustice day after day. The insurance companies who represent drivers do not want justice, because it’s all about year-end bonuses generated through keeping costs down and profits high.

In product and pharmaceutical cases, it’s the dollar and cents analysis conducted every day in corporate America---the analysis that justifies putting a product out in the market---that could hurt or kill a certain percentage of the people that use it. How is that ok?

Because, in the corporate world, often the amount of money a company can make from selling the product offsets the costs it will end up having to pay the families of the people killed or permanently injured. Incredibly, under this analysis the profits justify the injuries and death of individual people. When someone is hurt or killed because of the irresponsible actions of another, it’s imperative they have adequate representation to help them navigate the minefield that’s obtaining justice in our country.

Andrew created AVA Law Group, Inc. to be a proactive personal injury law firm that provides anyone with easy access to the justice system and expert legal representation. It’s Andrew Van Arsdale’s hope that AVA Law Group, Inc. will be on your side, helping you and your family seek accountability for the actions that caused the injury. He has built AVA Law Group, Inc. to hold the parties responsible accountable, and try and achieve justice for his clients.
Nationally Acclaimed Dedication
Our work's featured in news sources nationwide, including the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post!
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ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT: Not available in all states, Andrew Van Arsdale, supervising attorney is licensed only in California, Montana and Nevada, but associates with attorneys throughout the country, Principal office: 3667 Voltaire Street, San Diego, California 92106. 

Consult a doctor on all medical decisions. Do not stop taking a prescribed medication without first consulting with your doctor. Discontinuing a prescribed medication without your doctor's advice can result in injury or death. No representation is made that the quality of the legal services performed is greater than the quality of the legal services performed by other lawyers. AVA Law Group, Inc. not accepting cases in states where this advertising conflicts with laws or state rules. Legal representation is not offered or available in Tennessee. While AVA Law Group, Inc. maintains joint responsibility, most cases are referred to other attorneys for principal responsibility.
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