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Bicycle Riding On Sidewalks Safety

Safety tips: riding a bike safely on the sidewalk

Bike riding is a great activity for both exercise and recreation.  Many people take to the streets, paths, and sidewalks on their bikes, eager to get out in the sunshine or get to their next destination. However, bicycle riding on sidewalks can be confusing or, sometimes, illegal if you don't know local laws. Unsafe riding on the sidewalk can even cause bike crashes, causing injury, suffering, and stress for you and others. To protect yourself and others on the sidewalk, we've listed out a few of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's safety tips to remember as you ride a bike on local sidewalks. Check them out, and ride safely!
Bicycle safety how to safely ride on the sidewalks

how to safely ride on the sidewalks

Bicycle riding on sidewalks provides easy pathways so you can get to your destination quickly and conveniently. Knowing how to safely ride on the sidewalk can not only make your ride more enjoyable, but can help protect others on the sidewalk too! Check out our safety tips for riding a bike on the sidewalk. 

1. check local laws

Sometimes different states and towns have differing laws on riding bikes on the sidewalk. Before riding on the sidewalks, check your local laws to make sure sidewalk bike riding is legal.
Check local laws - riding a bike on the sidewalk
watch for pedestrians - riding a bike on the sidewalk

2. watch for pedestrians

Sidewalks are often busy with people walking their dogs, children playing, or couples taking a stroll. Keep an eye out for pedestrians on the sidewalks, and respect everyone's right to use the sidewalk.

3. safely pass pedestrians

Before passing someone on the sidewalk, make sure to alert them of your presence to avoid any crashes. Announce "on your left" or "passing on your left" or use a bell before passing a pedestrian.
safely pass pedestrians - riding a bike on the sidewalk
Ride in the same direction as traffic - riding a bike on the sidewalk

4. ride in the same direction as traffic

Going with the flow of traffic is the safest method for riding on sidewalks and streets. This way, if the sidewalk ends, you are already riding along with the flow of traffic.

5. slow down and look for traffic

To look out for traffic, do a "left-right-left-and-behind" check. Look to your left, right, left again, and behind to make sure you aren't turning in front of any people or cars. Keep you eye out for any cars backing out of driveways, and always follow pedestrian signals. Have a happy and safe ride!
Slow down and look for traffic - riding a bike on the sidewalk

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