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Pedestrian Walking Safety

Pedestrian Safety: Walking Safely

Pedestrian safety starts with the most basic action: walking safely. By staying aware of the people, cars, and signs around you, you can help not only keep yourself safe from a pedestrian accident but keep others around you safe. The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA) provided some helpful safety tips for all pedestrians to follow while walking by traffic: check them out below!
Pedestrian Walking Safety Tips

pedestrian safety: walking safety tips

1. be predictable

Traffic signs and signals help both pedestrians and drivers anticipate how others around them will act, allowing them to be predictable and safe. Follow the rules of the road by obeying signs and signals.
Be Predictable Pedestrian Walking Safety
Walk on Sidewalks Whenever They Are Available

2. walk on sidewalks whenever they are available

Sidewalks are typically a safer option to walk on than the streets, since they are dedicated for pedestrian use. Walk on the sidewalks whenever they're available, and if there isn't a sidewalk, walk facing traffic and far from the flow traffic.

3. stay alert

Keeping an eye out for how other pedestrians and cars are acting around you can help you avoid a potential accident. To avoid distractions, keep your eyes away from electronic devices, and don't take your eyes off the road.
Stay Alert
Use Crosswalks

4. use crosswalks

Whenever possible, use the crosswalks and intersections to cross the street. These are the areas that drivers typically expect pedestrians. Look for cars in all directions, especially when turning right or left.

5. never assume a driver sees you

Make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you when crossing the street. Also, to ensure you are visible at all times, wear bright clothing during the day, and wear reflective materials at night.

6. avoid alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and drugs impair abilities and judgement, increasing your likelihood of being in an accident if you aren't careful. For your and others' safety, avoid using/taking them when walking. 

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