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December 7, 2020

What are the Reasons to Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

I’ve Got a Personal Injury Case: Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Picture this: You’ve been in an accident. Someone’s wrongful actions caused you harm, whether that be bodily harm or property damages. So, given the circumstances, you are trying to figure out whether you should handle the case yourself or hire an attorney. ere hurt by someone’s wrong actions.

This is a common scenario you and others might find themselves in: “Why should I bother hiring a lawyer when I can try handling the case myself?” Unfortunately, many people who try to handle a personal injury case on their own quickly find themselves in over their heads in paperwork and “legalese.” Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you avoid a ton of legal headaches and, in many cases, recover compensation for your losses. Below, we explore the top five reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer after an accident.

Reason Number 1. Lawyers are Trained in the Law

The law is tricky, and the people you file a claim against know that. Insurance companies usually have their own team of attorneys to bat away any claims that come their way. So, you may end up in over your head and underprepared if you take on a lawsuit alone.

Hiring an attorney means having years of legal training on your side. A trained personal injury lawyer knows the law, and thoroughly defends your case even when facing insurance companies’ legal giants. This way, the opposing party can’t take advantage of your lack of legal experience, and you have your best chance of winning your case.

Reason Number 2. Not Hiring a Lawyer Could Cost You More

Personal injury cases are typically civil cases, meaning they do not determine whether you spend time behind bars or not. However, civil cases can hurt you financially if you lose your case.

On your own, it may cost between $100 and $400 to simply file a lawsuit. On top of the initial claim-filing fee, if you file a claim on your own, you could face additional costs including the following:

  • Police reports
  • Expert witness fees
  • Medical records
  • Court reporters
  • Trial exhibits
  • Postage charges
  • Copying fees

Typically, you may be able to avoid these out-of-pocket costs by hiring a personal injury attorney. Many personal injury attorneys don’t charge you for their services unless they win your case. Usually, this fee will come out of the compensation awarded to you in your case. For example, if a court awards you $100,000 for your case, and your attorney receives 40% for resolving your case, your attorney would be paid $40,000 out of the court award. So, hiring a lawyer could help you save or make money end.

Reason Number 3. Lawyers Have Access to Necessary Experts

Attorneys typically partner with other professionals in the field to help with a client’s case. They rely upon an extended network of experts to help in personal injury cases, experts nonprofessionals typically don’t’ have access to. Hiring a personal injury attorney not only gets one attorney on your side but a whole group of experts fighting for the success of your case.

Reason Number 4. A Lawyer Can Present Your Strongest Case

As stated previously, the law is tricky. When evidence points against you, you may feel pressured to admit fault or accidentally admit fault without realizing it.

A good attorney knows admitting fault isn’t your only option in a personal injury case. Because of their extensive training and experience, lawyers know what testimony and evidence can help and hinder your case and lead you towards justice, not conviction.

After evaluating your case, a lawyer trained in personal injury law will explain all your options, the best course of action, and potentially help you avoid penalties.

Reason Number 5. Lawyers Know How to Negotiate Settlements

Some cases do not even need to make it to the courtroom to be resolved. Many times cases can be settled outside of court. An experienced lawyer will know how your case may stand in court, whether a settlement is be the best option to resolve your case, and how to negotiate a fair settlement.

For example, a lawyer may look at your slip-and-fall case and see that direct negotiation with the owners of the shop you fell in is the best course of action instead of a public lawsuit. Other options aside from filing a claim could be the use of a small claims court, mediation, or arbitration.

Video: Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer - AVA Law Group - Personal Injury Attorneys
Attorney Andrew Van Arsdale explains what some of the top reasons are to hire a personal injury lawyer for a case.

Do You Think You Have a Personal Injury Case?

If you are ready to consult with a personal injury attorney about your case, reach out to AVA Law Group today for your free case consultation. We always have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions and concerns, so give us a call or visit us at

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