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You have lost a loved one, and you have rights that deserve to be protected

While we cannot lessen the pain of your loss, we promise to defend your right to compensation to help you recover from losing your loved one in this accident.
Truth Aquatics' negligence in protecting your family members from harm should not be left unchecked. To skirt their legal obligations to victims' family members, they have filed a lawsuit to shorten your time to seek compensation for this tragedy. Losing a family member is enough pain and suffering for you to bear. Let the wrongful death attorneys at AVA Law Group fight for your rights to the compensation you justly deserve.


Truth Aquatics' Negligence

In one of the worst maritime disasters in California history, 34 innocent people have died in a fire that tore apart the diving boat the Conception off the California coast.

Instead of seeking to provide comfort and help for victims' grieving families, the dive boat company, Truth Aquatics, filed a lawsuit to prevent possible litigation and limit family members' time to pursue legal action against the company for negligence. Experts say that even if the captain or crew are found at fault, the boat company and their insurance company could avoid paying anything to you and the other victims' family members to help cover funeral and burial costs.
In the face of this tragedy and injustice, having an experienced California wrongful death attorney on your side to defend your rights is crucial to not only seek fair compensation for your severe losses, but to seek justice for your loved one's death. Truth Aquatics should not be let off the hook for the death of your family member, and AVA Law Group aggressively pursues negligent parties to hold them fully responsible. Our team of attorneys has the experience and persistence to tackle even the most difficult cases, because we believe you should not be forced to suffer due to the negligence of Truth Aquatics.

You Have Legal Rights after Losing a Loved One

The trauma of losing a loved one impacts your entire family, and your time to mourn and recover should not be defined by a negligent company's attempt to skirt legal obligations. Grieving your unexpected loss is painful enough, but you and your family members may quickly find yourselves burdened by overwhelming funeral and burial costs. As the family of the deceased, you have the right to file a civil lawsuit against parties responsible for your loved one's death to pursue necessary damages to cover these unexpected financial burdens. You could recover potential compensation for:
Funeral and burial costs
Lost wages and benefits
Medical bills
Caregiver responsibilities to children or elderly parents


You Need Experienced Legal Representation

Making sure you have aggressive and attentive legal representation on your side is CRUCIAL when filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Our wrongful death lawyers want to ensure your peace of mind: we are calling out Truth Aquatics for their negligence in protecting your loved one from harm. We want to make sure you are thoroughly compensated for the terrible losses you have endured after losing your family member, and we won't stop until we win or settle your case.

AVA Law Group: Aggressive Personal Injury Lawyers

Our wrongful death lawyers will fight for your right to justice for your loved one's death and recovery for your family by filing a claim against Truth Aquatics for your loved one's death. We want to be your advocates during this difficult time, and we promise to defend your rights so you and your family can focus on healing from your loss. Contact us today for your no obligation case evaluation.
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