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Product Liability

When companies fail to ensure that their products are safe for consumers to use, their negligence devastates thousands of lives. A company's failure to protect you should never entitle them to get away with causing your pain and suffering from a defective product. AVA Law Group is here to help you seek justice and healing by filing a civil suit against negligent companies responsible for your suffering. We aggressively pursue optimal compensation for our clients so you can start recovering.

Product Liability practice areas

dangerous drugs
While many prescription drugs effectively help patients by improving their health, some drugs harm consumers through dangerous side effects or deadly injuries. In many cases manufacturers of prescription drugs or testing labs have been found as liable for failing to warn patients of a drug's hazardous qualities, improper manufacturing, drug contamination, false safety testing, misinformation, or mislabeling through poor packaging or bottling. AVA Law represents claims against these dangerous drugs:
Whether it is a flawed medical device or a popular household item found to cause health injuries, defective products can devastate and ruin someone's life in an instant. Defective products can be identified in numerous ways, most notably by manufacturing errors that lead to product flaws, hazardous designs, or even deceptive product marketing. AVA Law represents claims against these defective products:


What is Product Liability?

Product liability is when a manufacturer or seller of a product is held responsible (or liable) for injuries caused by the product they sold to consumers. While there isn't a federal product liability law, each state enforces unique laws to protect consumers covering liability, negligence, breaching warranty, etc. These laws ensure your right to pursue legal action in the event of being harmed or injured by a flawed product, so hiring an attorney experienced in product liability is crucial for your case. Product manufacturers and distributors can be held responsible for the following in product liability lawsuits:


This could happen if a product was not labeled properly, has inadequate safety warnings, lacking instructions, etc.


Design defects could refer to a product being unsafe or dangerous due to something in the inherent design.


Flaws or defects that are not in the original design could be the result of issues created during the manufacturing or assembly process.

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With dangerous products around hurting thousands every year, manufacturers and distributors of these products need to be held responsible. Their wrongful conduct should not determine your heath and livelihood, and fear of a company should never hold you back from seeking justice. Hiring an aggressive attorney experienced in product liability is essential when filing a civil lawsuit for a defective product. Because there are no federal product liability laws, having an attorney knowledgeable in state-specific product liability laws is key to the outcome of your case. 
At AVA Law Group, we connect you with some of the best product liability lawyers in the nation who are seasoned in defending the rights of injured consumers. Our team knows how to successfully fight for your rights when faced up against corporation and insurers' legal teams. Contact AVA Law Group and we will review your case to determine if you are eligible to file a product liability claim and who is responsible for your injuries.
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