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Women who received textured breast implants during breast implant surgery: you may be at severe risk of developing cancer. Specific types of Allergan’s textured breast implants have been recalled worldwide after reports of women developing a rare form of breast implant-associated cancer: BIA-ALCL. If you received a textured Allergan BIOCELL breast implant, your risk of developing BIA-ALCL is 6 times higher than other brands of textured breast implants.

If you received an Allergan BIOCELL breast implant and were diagnosed with BIA-ALCL, contact AVA Law Group today. We are investigating cases on behalf of injured women across America who received textured breast implants and developed breast-implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Allergan’s dangerously defective implants should not dictate your suffering. By filing a lawsuit against Allergan, you may be entitled to compensation to help you recover from your breast implant cancer.


On July 24, 2019, breast implant manufacturer Allergan issued a worldwide breast implant recall for several models of their textured breast implants after reports of breast implant-caused cancer. Researchers found Allergan’s BIOCELL textured breast implants and tissue expanders have caused women to develop a rare form of cancer only caused by breast implants: breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

The FDA reported that nearly 84% of the reported BIA-ALCL cases received Allergan BIOCELL breast implants, some of the patients dying from their breast implant cancer. Now, women across the US are filing claims against Allergan to seek justice and recovery for injuries caused by their dangerously defective breast implants.


Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is not breast cancer, but a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It is a cancer of the immune system that the World Heath Organization designates as a T-cell lymphoma. BIA-ALCL is most often found near breast implants in the scar tissue. However, the cancer can spread throughout the body and cause severe suffering and side effects.

This cancer is incredibly rare, because the only known cause is receiving breast implants. However, the risk of getting BIA-ALCL is significantly higher for those who have received textured implants than smooth implants. In fact, the FDA reports the risk of BIA-ACLCL is about 6 times higher for individuals with Allergan BIOCELL textured implants than other textured breast implant brands.

Textured breast implants have a bumpy, slightly rough surface as opposed to their smooth counterparts. The textured surface helps keep the implant in place in the breast pocket created by the surgeon during breast implant surgery. Essentially, the textured surface helps keep the implant from displacing, which would cause the breast to become irregularly shaped or distorted.

According to the FDA, patients with Allergan BIOCELL textured breast implants have died from their breast implant cancer injuries. According to the injury reports submitted to the FDA, of the cases of BIA-ALCL where the breast implant manufacturer was known, 12 of the 13 patients who died from BIA-ALCL had Allergan textured breast implants.

According to the FDA, symptoms of BIA-ALCL can occur years after the surgical incision has healed or years after implant placement.

Symptoms of BIA-ALCL include:

  • Persistent swelling
  • Presence of a mass in the area of the breast implant
  • Pain in the area of the breast implant


According to the FDA, the risk of BIA-ALCL is higher for women with textured implants than smooth implants. If you had breast implant surgery, received a textured breast implant, and were diagnosed with BIA-ALCL, call your doctor immediately. Your doctor or the surgeon who performed the surgery will know the make and model of textured breast implant they used and will know if it has been recalled or not.

The FDA says Allergan’s recalled textured breast implants make up 5% of the US’s breast implant market, so thousands of women could be at risk of developing BIA-ALCL.

Recalled Allergan BIOCELL textured breast implants include the following makes and models:

  • Natrelle Saline breast implant styles 168, 363, 468
  • Natrelle and McGhan 410 breast implant styles LL, LM, LF, LX, ML, MM, MF, MX, FL, FM, FF, FX
  • Natrelle and McGhan 410 Soft Touch breast implant styles LL, LM, LF, LX, ML, MM, MF, MX, FL, FM, FF, FX
  • Natrelle 510 Dual-Gel styles LX, MX, FX
  • Natrelle INSPIRA breast implants, styles TRL, TRLP, TRM, TRF, TRX, TSL, TSLP, TSM, TSF, TSX, TCL, TCLP, TCM, TCF, TCX
  • Natrelle and McGhan Round Gel Implants, styles 110, 110 Soft Touch, 120, 120 Soft Touch
  • Natrelle Komuro breast implants styles KML, KMM, KLL, and KLM
  • Natrelle Ritz Princess breast implant styles RML, RMM, RFL, RFM
  • Natrelle 150 Full Height and Short Height double lumen implants
  • Natrelle 133 tissue expanders with and without suture tabs:  styles 133FV, 133MV, 133LV, 133MX, 133SX, 133SV, T-133FV, T-133MV, T-133LV, T-133MX, T-133SX, T-133SV, 133FV-T, 133MV-T, 133LV-T, 133MX-T, 133SX-T, 133SV-T
  • Natrelle 133 Plus tissue expander styles 133P-FV, 133P-MV, 133P-LV, 133P-MX, 133P-SX, 133P-SV, T-133P-FV, T-133P-MV, T-133P-LV, T-133P-MX, T-133P-SX, T-133P-SV, 133P-FV-T, 133P-MV-T, 133P-LV-T, 133P-MX-T, 133P-SX-T, 133P-SV-T


If you received a Allergan BIOCELL breast implant and developed BIA-ALCL, you may want to file a claim against Allergan for the cost of, essentially, worthless, harmful breast implants. Allergan’s breast implant recall may make you eligible for a cash award to help you recover from your injuries, and AVA Law Group can help you along your journey to recovery.

When you partner with AVA Law Group, we connect you with some of the best injury attorneys nationwide, attorneys with proven track records of achieving recovery for clients. Our injury lawyers fight aggressively for your right to compensation, because we understand how cash settlements can greatly help cover financial burdens created by your injuries.

To see if you may be eligible for compensation through the breast implant recall, call our representatives today at 1.866.4AVALAW for your free, no-obligation case evaluation. We ensure that you talk with a live representative during your consultation, so you can rest assured that your information is handled with care and precision. Best of all, when you partner with AVA Law Group, we promise you pay nothing out of pocket. We operate on a contingency-fee basis, meaning we only get paid when we win or settle your case.

To start your path to recovery, fill out the contact form below or call us at 1.866.4.AVALAW today.

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