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Bicycle Safety: How to Safely Bike on the Road

Safely Bike on the Road Tips

Bicycle riding on local roads and streets has become more common as people switch from driving cars to riding bikes to work, school, and run errands. However, riding a bike on the road can be dangerous if bike riders and car drivers fail to respect the rules of the road. Often, the negligence of a bike rider or a car driver can lead to an bicycle accident, causing severe injuries and suffering. Before you take to the road on your bike, make sure you prepare yourself by knowing local laws and bike riding safety guidelines. Below, we list out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's top safety tips for safely riding a bike on the road. 
how to safely ride a bike on the road

Bicycle safety: how to safely ride a bike on the road

Riding a bike on the road can be tricky, especially if you don't know local laws or safety precautions. Check out these five tips before setting off on the road to make sure you are riding safely.

1. drive with the flow

When you are riding your bike on the road, make sure to drive in the same direction as the flow of traffic.
bike on the road: drive with the flow

2. obey signs

Just like cars, make sure to obey all street signs, signals, and road markings.

3. look ahead for hazards

Keep an eye on the road ahead to look for hazards or situations that could cause you to fall. This could include toys, potholes, train tracks, rocks, grates, etc.
assume the other person doesn't see you: bike safe on the road

4. assume the other person doesn't see you

It is safest to assume drivers on the road do not see you riding your bike. Take extra precautions to make sure cars have every chance to see you by signaling when turning, wearing bright clothing, and following road signs.

5. put away distractions

Taking your eyes off the road for an instant could cause you to crash. Remember to not text, listen to music, or use anything that distracts you from the road and traffic while biking.
put away distractions : bike safe on the road

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